Film processing & proofing

Transparency (E6) and Colour Negative (C41)

SERVICE TIME: Process only 2 hrs, Process & Proof 24 hrs

We use dip and dunk processors for all of our E6 and C41 processing. All processing is completed on site and monitored by one of our experienced professionals. Your film will come cut in strips of 6 in sheets of archival sleeving unless otherwise requested. If you are unsure about your film’s exposure our technicians can run a clip test and assess whether the processing speed needs adjustment. Push or pull processing costs no extra.

Black & White


All black and white processing left at Vision Imagelab will be hand processed on site by our skilled technicians. Your film will come cut in strips of 6 in sheets of archival sleeving unless otherwise requested.
Please note that proofing is only available from colour or black & white negative films.

Giclée fine art print

SERVICE TIME 3 days (add 2 days for canvas stretching)

The term “Giclée Print” (pronounced zhee-clay) refers to an elevation in printmaking technology. Images are printed with archival quality Ultrachrome pigment based K3 inks onto canvas and smooth or textured fine art paper (see below for varieties available).

The EPSON STYLUS PRO 9900, 11 880 & P20070 large-format printer produces stunning inkjet prints that are ideal for photographers or artists of other mediums who wish to reproduce their artwork as needed, with minimal effort and at a reasonable cost. Resulting prints are widely used for exhibitions, display and decorative purposes.

Specs for printing Giclee

When printing from digital file please provide your digital files set up as 300 dpi, 8 bit flattened TIFF files. Our technicians will perform additional image adjustments if needed for no extra charge.

When printing from original artwork we will create a professional digital copy from your artwork matched as closely as possible to the original (see Copies from Artwork for prices). Our technicians will print from this digital copy and perform additional image adjustments if needed for no extra charge.

When printing from film we can print from almost any type of film from 110 colour negative to 8 x 10 in transparency. Our technicians will perform a high end scan and adjust the scanned image in photoshop to your given specifications. You can purchase the file we have set up for printing for a highly discounted price.

Our paper stock

Fine art

Hahnemuhle Albrecht Durer

210 gsm · 50% Cotton · 50% α-Cellulose · white
This traditional mould-made watercolour paper lends an artistic feel to art reproductions and photographs. Ideal for b&w.

Hahnemuhle Ultrasmooth Photo Rag

305 gsm · 100% Cotton · white
With its extra smooth surface Photo Rag® Ultra Smooth is particularly interesting for users who want proven Photo Rag® quality but with less texture and a brighter white point.

Hahnemuhle Fine Art Pearl

285 gsm · 100% α-Cellulose · bright white · pearl-finish
The bright white of FineArt Pearl enables impressive contrasts and pictorial depth in black and white or colour photography. The special coating provides a pearl-finish.

Hahnemuhle Daguerre Canvas

400 gsm · Poly-Cotton · bright white
Daguerre Canvas offers a fine structure which is particularly good for fine art photo printing. Its bright white point provides clear fresh colours and contrasts for black and white reproductions.

Hahnemuhle Photo Rag® Baryta

315 gsm | 100% Cotton · white high-gloss
Photo Rag® Baryta combines the virtues of a luxury cotton paper and a traditional baryta board. The very fine surface texture with the baryta gloss endows portraits with a particularly expressive character.

Awagami FineArt Bamboo

Bamboo 70%, Recycled Washi 30%
Awagami Bamboo is a fine organic choice for artist and photographer alike exhibiting notable benefits and advantages over cotton based papers. This dense but soft paper was originally developed for traditional printmaking and is made with the utmost care for longevity.

Ilford Smooth Cotton Rag

The new GALERIE Prestige 100% Cotton fourdriner-made rag papers lead the way within the range in meeting the needs of professional fine art printers. Photographers and print-makers alike can rely on these new papers to produce the highest quality images they have come to know and love from ILFORD.

With no optical brighteners and the longevity, image stability and a clean matt surface required for the very best in fine art printing, Smooth Cotton Rag is offered as the perfect choice for crisp detail, while the Textured Cotton range features a contoured surface for enhanced creative expression.

Ilford Fine Art Smooth

GALERIE Prestige Fine Art Smooth has a matt warm tone surface and is a great alternative to the GALERIE Prestige Cotton papers.
Created from an alpha-cellulose base with the latest advances in matt coating layer technology, this new product allows professional and enthusiast fine art photographers and printers to achieve the artistic interpretation of an image by drawing out sharp crisp details, while maintaining vivid colours.

*Please contact us for a complete range of fine art Hanemuhle and Ilford range of papers, such as German Etching and Baryta.

Other specialised Giclée print surfaces are available, please contact our production staff for more information.

Custom photographic printing

SERVICE TIME 3 days (add 2 days for canvas stretching)

We use Chromajet premium inkjet media for all our exhibition quality photographic digital prints. The photographic range includes a selection of finishes including Lustre, Gloss, Metallic and Photo Matte. The Epson Stylus Pro 9900 & 11 880 and Epson Ultrachrome Pro P20070 large format printers produce stunning inkjet prints that are ideal for photographers and artists alike .

Photographic papers

Chromojet Centurion

Metallic Pearl 255 – Centurion Metallic Pearl Photo Paper is a premium inkjet paper with a unique pearlescent surface finish, designed for use with an inkjet printer. The finish is similar to traditional silver-halide metallic photographic papers and offers exceptional image clarity and brilliant colour reproduction with a cool, high-gloss metallic finish with a blue iridescence.

Photosilk 285

Centurion Photo Silk 285 Photo Paper is a super white smooth silky premium photo paper. This inkjet paper is specifically designed for high quality professional photographic output.

Photo Gloss 285

Centurion 285 Photo Gloss is a premium photo paper with a high gloss surface finish, designed for use with an inkjet printer. The finish is similar to traditional photographic papers and offers exceptional image clarity and brilliant colour reproduction.

PhotoPro 240 Satin

Chromajet PhotoPro 240 Satin Photo Paper is a super white satin finish microporous resin coated photo and poster paper that is quick drying and wipefast. Offers high colour fidelity and very high batch to batch stability. Super white economy photo paper.

PhotoPro 240 Gloss

Chromajet PhotoPro 240 Gloss Photo Paper is a super white gloss microporous resin-coated photo and poster paper that is wipefast. Offers high colour fidelity and very high batch to batch stability. Super white economy photo paper.

Photo Matt 230

High white matt photo paper with very good colour gamut, and very strong blacks.Recommended for economical photo prints, decor art, posters and full colour graphics requiring high ink absorption. High white economy flat matte photo paper.

High end scanning


Vision Imagelab uses state-of-the-art high-end flatbed scanners operated by experienced professionals to scan your images (transparency, negative and artwork originals) to suit a variety of requirements. We have two flatbed scanners, the Cezanne Elite and the Fuji Lenovia in addition to the Flextight X5 scanner.

All scans (except multimedia) are supplied as TIFF files.
Items above A3 size (29.7 x 42 cm) will have to be photographed (see digital copies from artwork) or scanned in sections along with an image stitching fee which will be quoted at the time of drop off.

There are two levels of service in our high end scanning area:


Job-Ready Prepared Scans

These scans are of the highest quality in all areas. Colour, density, contrast and sharpness issues are addressed along with dust removed.
We will match any job-specific file requirements you may have although if unspecified all scans will be done at 300 dpi. Additional work required (such as removal of scratch, scuff or water-damage marks) will be charged as retouching system time.


Raw (uncorrected) Scans

These excellent value scans offer the same high quality using the same equipment, but without the fine-tuning features applied in our fully prepared job-ready scans. Only very minimal dust removal, colour or density correction is included.

Ideal for those planning to carry out their own final image preparation. These scans offer an approximate 40% saving off our Job-Ready Prepared Scans.
We will match any job-specific file requirements you may have although if unspecified all scans will be done at 300 dpi.

Minilab Film Scanning

Whole Roll and Single Frame Film Scanning


Two levels of scan are available through the digital minilab using the Fuji Frontier. All scans come as JPEG files unless otherwise requested*. Quantity discounts on a 4 to 5 day service: 5+ rolls = 10% or 20+ rolls = 15%.
Please see high end scanning on page 10 for larger sizes.

We also offer a high end scanning service for larger sized scans and exacting requirements.


Medium Resolution (9MB)

RGB files sized to 25.5 x 17.1 in @ 72dpi (equivalent to 6 x 4 in @ 300dpi) in size. These are the scans we recommend for clients who may want reprints or enlargements up to 6 x 9 in (including the standard 6 x 4 in postcard-size reprints).

Please note: The Fuji Frontier scanner provides 6.4MB scans whereas the HR500 provides 9MB scans when uncompressed.


High Resolution (20MB)

RGB files sized to 46.6 x 31.11 in @ 72dpi (equivalent to 11.2 x 7.47 in @ 300dpi) in size.

Minilab prints from digital

We use Fujicolor Crystal Archive paper for all our minilab printing in a range of gloss or lustre finish. 5mm white borders are available for no extra cost. A manual colour, density, contrast and saturation adjustment service is available for 25% extra. Vision Imagelab strongly advises the use of this service as redos will not be available without it.

Kodak RP30
Fuji Frontier
Colour Space Adobe RGB 1998 sRGB
Resolution 300dpi 300dpi
File Format 8 bit JPG or PC TIF 8 bit JPG or PC TIF
Colour Attributes Warm skin tones, medium contrast Vibrant blues & greens, soft contrast
Sharpness Very sharp Standard Sharpness
Colour Adjustments Full adjustments available Minimal

Bulk Discounts

Bulk discounts are available on all minilab prints from digital file. Prints do not have to be multiple copies of the same file to qualify for a bulk discount – there can be as many different files as there is prints, as long as they are the same size and paper surface.

Mini lab from film

Develop and Print from Film

SERVICE TIME: Colour 3 days, Black & White 5 days

All our prints from film are manually adjusted by an experienced photographic printer for optimum colour balance, density and contrast. We use Fujicolor Crystal Archive paper for all our minilab printing in a range of gloss or lustre finish. 5mm white borders are available for no extra cost. We also have a range of specialised borders available for a $5 surcharge which can be viewed at the Vision Imagelab reception desk.

Minilab prints are also available from XPan and medium format film.

Quantity discounts on a 4 to 5 day service: 5+ rolls = 10% or 20+ rolls = 15%

Reprints from Film


Minilab reprints from film are available from 3.5 x 5 inches up to 10 x 15 inches.
Bulk discounts apply to reprints from film when there are multiple copies from the same film frame in the same size and paper finish. Otherwise each print is charged at the 1 off price.

Mounting & framing

Vision Imagelab offers clients a wide range of finishing options for their completed work. From the simplest mounting and laminating jobs through to canvas stretching, print framing and mounting onto various material substrates and die-cut shapes – we can help.

Copies from artwork/dupes

Digital Copies from Artwork

Colour corrected high-quality digital copies from artworks including watercolours, acrylics, oils, photographs, posters etc. Our prices reflect an artwork being copied digitally to it’s original size at a resolution of 300 dpi – this will allow same size or smaller reproductions from the file.
From this file we can print onto museum grade fine art paper or stretched canvas with archival inks. See our giclee services for more information.

Copy Transparencies from Artwork

High quality film transparencies produced from artworks including watercolours, acrylics, oils, posters etc. Great to keep for different sized scans and reproductions in the future.

Transparency Duplicates

Reproduction quality 35mm duplicates from transparency only. Full cropping and colour correction included if required. Quantity discounts apply if multiple copies are made from the same original.

Digital Files Output to Photographic Film

Digital files can be output to colour negative (C41) or colour transparency (E6) film. Please supply a flattened, RGB, 8 bit TIFF file sized to match the film size you wish to have the output printed on at 1016 dpi.

Retouching & Restoration

Retouching & Layout

Image manipulation and multi-image composites have always been a major part of our business, well before the emergence of computerised digital imaging and manipulation as we know it today. Whilst having state-of-the-art specialised equipment and the best available software is extremely important, Vision Imagelab has always held the belief that it is the technicians who are the most crucial link in the digital imaging chain. Our digital image retouching and layout staff are all highly experienced technicians with strong photographic backgrounds and keen attention to detail, which we feel provides the best of both worlds.
We offer three levels of this service, available as follows.

Restoration Repair and Standard Retouching

Over fifteen years of experience has seen us develop an expertise in the digital restoration and reproduction of old or damaged photographs, illustrations and artwork. Treasured images can be returned to near original condition ensuring they can be used and enjoyed for generations to come. Obviously we can work with colour, black and white and toned images. Completed works can then be reprinted onto a variety of media and archived onto CD or DVD at a very reasonable cost, thereby ensuring your precious memories gain a whole new lifespan.

Creative Retouching

Our most experienced and talented digital artists can create superb, reproduction quality adjustments or enhancements to your images for use in advertising, display and exhibition environments. Montages or composites can be produced from any number of individual elements with seamless perfection.

Layout and Assembly

The layout and/or assembly of images and text for displays, posters, promotional works and point-of sale material can be achieved effectively and at a very reasonable price. Basic retouching is included where necessary. Vision Imagelab can work to your job brief or provide creative input to help you achieve your desired result.

Archiving & digitisation

Archiving Service

Vision Imagelab understands the immense importance of digital archiving for future generations. We appreciate the need for confidentiality and extreme care when handling your documents / film. All of our staff have been with the company 10+ years and only a select team of technicians are used when working on any one particular project. Members of our staff are briefed in great detail on the individual requirements of your project and are committed to your work from beginning to end. We currently operate four professional high-end scanners. The Hasselblad Flextight X5 Scanner, The Kodak HR500 (suitable for scanning 35mm neg and tranny through to 6×9 medium format). The Lanovia C-550 and the Cezanne Elite FT-S5500 are both flatbed scanners suitable for all film types and formats as well documents, original print and artwork. We also use a Hasselblad H4D 50MP Body & 120MM II Macro Lens .

All of our scanners, cameras and their working computers are regularly serviced and calibrated to ensure optimum results every scan.

Vision Imagelabs scanning and archiving department offers a high-end service which is totally customised to your specific needs. We understand that for the purposes of archiving, raw untouched files are usually the standard, however we do also offer a ‘finished’ files service where files are colour and density balanced, dusted and prepared for immediate reproduction in print. File size, colour space, and all other specs are tailored to your requirements.


We know digital files and their corresponding originals need to be meticulously recorded. This can be achieved by creating a detailed database and this is another service option we offer to our clients. Previously this has been achieved by bar-coding each individual original and entering this barcode number into a spreadsheet with all other relevant corresponding information which may be required. Again, this is an area that can be customised to your specifications.


Pricing is based on several factors including file types (raw or finished), final output size of files, database requirements, turn-around times and quantity. We are happy to schedule a meeting to discuss your specifications and requirements and create a suitable workflow for your project. Subsequently we can then provide you with a quotation.

Courier Service

Due to the often confidential nature of archiving, we offer a pick up / drop off service that will be done personally by one of our two managing directors. Please note this is only for large or on-going projects.

Duty of Care

All original documents / film are locked away safely when not in use. Vision Imagelab is housed within a security monitored building with back to base alarm system. All staff are required to wear gloves when handling any originals. Confidentiality agreements can be signed by us if required.